Mr & Mrs R
"Many people are interested in property investing but are intimidated by the overwhelming prospect of starting out. The womens property panel introductory workshop provided my wife and I with the motivation we needed to start our investment portfolio! We didn’t think that buying one let alone multiple investment properties could be possible in our situation, however Bridget, Emma & Brad opened our eyes to many possibilities. Make an appointment today, you won’t regret it!"

Mark and Taniqua
“I have to be honest and say I initially doubted you guys as I haven’t had the type of people surrounding me that influence and motivate and want what’s best for us. You guys shut my doubts! We are very fortunate to have met you guys and we won’t give up on it – it’s for our best interest to continue so we are just grateful you guys are there for the ride when it’s our turn! I actually had a better turn that night of the workshop…seeing you ladies give so much without the expectation of receiving made me want to do more and not be resentful when I don’t get as much effort in return. Helped me be more happier and grateful for what I have and I truly look forward in passing it on to wanting more for my daughter and not settling for just managing”

Ariane Pannocini
“I found the whole process VERY easy, as I said yes, I was kind of thinking can it really be this easy? To be honest it felt a little “too good to be true” and I probably would have been suspicious if it had been someone I didn’t know well.I appreciated all the up front information on the property and the work it saved me. The rental appraisal was also very helpful (will be interested to see how the actual rental income aligns)”

James Galea
“I cannot praise Emma Herbert, Bridget Headland and all the team of from Women’s Property Panel for the help they have provided throughout the purchase and build thus far of our first investment property. I describe the whole process as an open children’s book, from the first page to the last there are many questions that arise as a first time property investor, the WPP team have always provided a clear, prompt and meaningful answer to make reading and understanding the book so much easier. When a business model revolves around expansion by referral you can only expect to receive the best advice and assistance possible. I have and will continue to recommend women’s property panel to all my friends and family as I am extremely confident their experiences will be as pleasant as mine so far. Thank you to all the team at Women’s Property Panel.”

“I stumbled across Women's Property panel by accident at a time in my life when I was surrounded by unmotivated and often inconsiderate people. When I met the team, I felt instantly engaged. I felt I had met a group of likeminded people who were passionate about living a financially sustainable life through property investment. Better still, they offered encouragement and non-bias advice on how I could accomplish what I wanted in the market. I had dealt with mortgage brokers, property managers and investment professionals before, but I was never fully satisfied they supported my investment goal at this time in my life (being a mid-20's, single female professional). Time passed and I eventually signed a settlement on a house and land package. The team were very prompt and professional in supplying me with the information required, and yet I never felt pressured or obliged to undertake anything they suggested. Mid way during the settlement I relocated to rural QLD, and still the team were willing to organise phone conversations and meetings whenever suited my lifestyle. I am currently waiting for the construction of my investment property, and I am already contacting the team to help keep me on track to obtain my second investment!”

“Hey Emma, Just a short email to commend you and your entire team on such a positive experience so far. I'm about 8 weeks away from the completion of my investment property and so far my experience with WPP has been wonderful. - from the very first workshop you and you team mapped out in such simple terms the investment process - Bridget was prompt at contacting me to discuss my situation and she made time after hours to meet me and discuss how I too could invest (up until that point I wasn't sure I had the capacity) - Emma you were quick to offer me a potential investment, you took the time to explain how important the 28point criteria is for a viable investment property - Emma you took time out of your weekend to take me out to Warner's Lake, drive me through the estate, and around the neighbourhood- your knowledge of the area and the growth expected was fantastic, very professional! - Deb at Inspire ( the builders) has kept me updated on the progress of the building of my investment property incl photos of the step by step construction. Now I am just awaiting he completion and am looking forward to securing a tenant. Many thanks to you and your entire team!”

Sarah and Sam
“Firstly let me say that I (we) definitely wouldn't have gone ahead with our investment if it wasn't for you both of your patience and understanding and great customer service. At any stage we knew that we could always come to you with any question. Workshop was very informative and the follow up appointment was a vital element that explained the next stage of the process and really helped the idea become a reality” Lucas and Angela “We can not thank you, Bridget and the team enough for all of the information we received at the first home buyers workshop, it was fantastic to be able to find out the ins and outs without it going well above our heads. I will be encouraging all of our friends and family looking to purchase their first place to come to one of these workshops first. We now know what we need to do and what is possible to do which we didn't think was before hand. So thank you thank you thank you it has helped us immensely”

Andrew and Jenny
“I have attended two Women’s Property Panel workshops on property investing so far. I found the workshops to be entertaining, interesting and very rewarding. Peter (or Pom as he likes to be known) is a highly energetic and motivating speaker. Emma and Bridget are thoroughly knowledgeable about property investing. They were so approachable and were able to answer any questions I had. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is interested in property investing and wants to know more. The workshop made me realise that I have the capacity to invest in property now and motivated me to take action to do so. Even if you’re not quite ready to jump in just yet, I would still recommend that you attend so that you get a plan for the future. Plus they give you free drinks and food! It is definitely worth your while.”